Those who have experienced the Magic of
Santa Mac - Jeff McMullen

The Palm Tree Santas together with Santa’s Drill Team host a Santas Workshop each summer. We consider these workshops as “Continuing Education” for Santas and Mrs. Claus. This past August, our instructor was Jeff “Santa Mac” McMullen. Santa Mac worked to create a special agenda for our workshop, concentrating on the areas we would most benefit from. Santa Mac challenged us with a lot of new techniques, ideas and in some cases, a different slant on the same subject. We were all especially intrigued by his unique method by having all of us share short stories from the North Pole. We will most definitely be inviting Santa Mac to come back to Florida. If you are looking for an instructor, don’t hesitate, your group will be delighted with Jeff “Santa Mac” McMullen.

Santa Claus Hall of Fame Inductee 2017

Adjutant, Knights of St Nicholas 2018-Current

President Palm Tree Santas 2006-Current

President Santa Claus Drill Team 2012-Current

President/CEO Emeritus IBRBS (2013-2018)

PhD Santa Clausology, IUSC 2014

I do not lend myself nor endorse many Santa schools. Santa Jeff is an exception. As a National provider for Santa photos, Jeff is the perfect
mix of Professional, Talent and Humility… Know your worth. Negotiate with integrity and understand expectations. Jeff is above the bar in all of these areas.
Jeff is always “On” and in character. This is probably the number one attribute you can learn from him. A true professional.

We look to build relationships and loyalty with our Santa’s, Jeff understands the ever changing climate of the industry, as subtle as they may be. 

In 22 years of being a National Photo Provider, I can honestly say his skillset is in the upper echelon of the Santa world.

VP Amusematte Corp

It is my great pleasure to recommend my friend, Jeff McMullen, (Santa Mac), for any and all of your training needs. I am convinced that Jeff can provide quality training on just about anything you or your group need training on. His life experiences provide him a depth of knowledge to be eminently prepared for every speaking engagement. His delivery is well organized, informative, and balanced with sincerity, enthusiasm, and humor. I first met Jeff in Las Vegas at a Nationwide Santa’s conference in 2017 but didn’t really get to know him until the following year in Denver. We were students in yet another Santa school and then attended the 2018 International Santa Celebration (ISC). Jeff was a featured speaker conducting a workshop on a Santa visit “Through the Eyes of a Child”. It was one of the most insightful and useful training sessions I have ever had the pleasure of attending. In 2019, Jeff published a book, “Tender Moments from the Big Chair”, a collection of some of his most memorable Santa visits with children and families. These short stories poignantly depict his passion for creating the very best visit that a child or family can have with Santa and they set a high bar for other Santa’s to learn from and strive for. My most recent encounter with Jeff was at the Lone Star Santa’s 2021 Roundup in San Marcos, Texas. Jeff was invited to be the Keynote Speaker where his presentation and engagement throughout the weekend wowed the entire audience of Santa’s and other Christmas performers. Jeff’s left an extremely memorable impression on all conference attendees who will enthusiastically welcome him back anytime. Jeff exudes enthusiasm and passion in all his work and reveals a heart full of love, hope, and joy that he willingly shares in abundance with all whom he comes in contact with.

After attending the recent Santa seminar with Jeff “Santa Mac”, I left the seminar feeling several things. I was amazed at the depth of knowledge on the subject of Santa. I was also pleasantly surprised that after 35 years experience as Santa, I got so many new insights and ideas from Jeff “Santa Mac”. The simple yet wonderfully effective “Santa magic” tricks he taught will definitely be used in my upcoming season. The stories and friendly banter he shared reminded me of why I love being a Santa. I got so much out of this seminar that I can and will take into my Santa season. Thank you, Jeff “Santa Mac”.

I had the pleasure of attending Santa Mac’s workshop in Tarpon Springs, Fl. As a fairly new Santa, this workshop was invaluable to me and filled with tips and tricks that I cannot imagine finding any were else. I know that I will put into use this Christmas season and many more to come, helping me to become the best Santa that I could ever imagine being. I would definitely return if I had the chance and highly recommend any Santa who wants to add to their skills to find a way to attend.

Attending Santa Mac’s Training Program has reinforced my confidence that I CAN DO 350 to 500 20 min family visits in my Santa Shed per season.  He showed how to make a story out of almost any topic. The basics of story development were practiced by creating not only individual stories but group stories, as well as presentation of those stories. I thoroughly enjoyed the relaxed experience. Enough information to wet the appetite and grow, but not so much as to feel head sore but enough to want the 2nd or 3rd seminar. Santa Mac’s experience is well worth the investment…..if you’re interested in storytelling and managing your business of Santa! When is the next seminar??

Personally and professionally, Jeff McMullen is the “cream of the crop.”  Compassionate while comedic and professional while personable: Each member of the audience feels like they are spending time with a good friend. 

I’ve seen children and adults roar with laughter and smile with wonder at the antics of Jeff McMullen. Jeff creates incredible experiences for audiences of all ages. Jeff is known as a trainer of top level performers worldwide, he mentors professionals with attentive care and coaching. Jeff not only knows the science of entertainment but has years of practical experience as a featured performer on the world-wide stage. You won’t find a more personally invested, caring, informed trainer than this comedic master.

WCA Past President 
Children’s Specialist

Jeff, “Santa Mac”, I thought you were brilliantly outstanding throughout the entire Christmas season!  

I was particularly impressed with how you handled yourself during the incident involving the teen when he physically and verbally assaulted you. Thank you for first protecting our patrons, your staff and the image of the mall.  We were very proud of that.  In addition, how you chose to stay overnight in your break room when we had the snowstorm to ensure the operation opened on time the next day.  I have to say I’ve been doing this for nearly 20 years and have never witnessed a Santa with such conviction to excellence.  

General Manager
Mayfair Mall Wauwatosa /Milwaukee WI.