Looking good as Santa is simply not enough in today’s social media world…Santa must have a “bag of time-tested tools” that will allow him to create lifelong memories for those he encounters. It is the core belief of Kringle University that although for all practical purposes, one of Santa’s goals is to get his photo taken with children, it is important for Santas to understand that the camera simply captures the moment, however, it is Santa that creates the memory that will live in the hearts of others forever!

In this new era of learning, Kringle University will be offering Live Virtual Learning, In Person Conferences, Personal Coaching and traveling to select locations as the guest instructor.

Jeff McMullen loves to share the “magic of performance” learning with family-based entertainers from around the world, and has been doing so since 1984, and now as the now the Dean, Visionary and C.T.M. (Chief Toy Maker) for Kringle University.

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