Super Santa Series…Taking your Santa to the next level and beyond!

Super Santa Series…Taking your Santa to the next level and beyond!

This training series is appropriate for beginning to advanced Santas’ as well as Mrs. C’s and any Holiday Performer!

Course Overview:

Each of the five course sessions will be 90 minutes long.

Jeff is the moderator for each session.

The class is limited to the same 25 students, allowing for a culture of sharing and growth to develop.



7 1/2 hours of creative “Use it Now Tools” to grow your character and business!

Session One:

“Developing the Heart, Soul and look of YOUR Santa!” (Character development from the inside out)

Session Two:  

“Bringing North Pole Stories to Life! (Creating and sharing story telling techniques)

Session Three:

“Creating the Ultimate Home Visit and Corporate Shows” (Supported with Magic and Props)

Session Four:  

“Turbo Tools for Fun and Profit!” (Building a sustainable business plan)

Session Five:  

“Round Table type Discussion and Wrap-Up” (This is a one-hour session)

All participants will receive a PDF workbook and access to the recorded zoom sessions following each session.

Developing the Heart and Soul of Santa!

Constructing a creative mind set is critical to the development of a strong and confident Santa or any Christmas entertainer. This session is devoted to exploring the necessary skills to create a mindset which includes understanding who Santa is from a child’s perspective, developing your character, creating a strong back story, creating your ideal “appearance” for a larger-than-life persona, and answering difficult questions from guests.  This session is all about developing the heart and soul Santa!

Bring the “Magic” of Santa to life!

One of the featured strengths of a mature seasoned Santa is his ability to share stories about the North Pole and the wonders that exist there.  Performing simple magic tricks within the stories is a wonderful way to create lasting memories in the minds and hearts of young and old alike.  Let me be very clear – Santa is not a magician, never has been and never should be, but magical things happen around him and within his stories.  In this session participants will learn two simple magic tricks and how to build a story around them, the importance of improvisation and exercises for continual development, step by step process of how to create your own two-to-three-minute stories, a simple to perform Rudolf skit for home visits, and writing an exit poem or statement that makes children feel special and warms the hearts of parents.

The follow up session participants will have the opportunity to share their versions of the assigned magic tricks and their exit poem/statement as well as share other magic tricks stories they have used successfully.

Building the ULTIMATE Home Visit & Corporate Shows

Session Three will focus on developing the skills and tools necessary to perform home visits.  Jeff truly believes that home visits is one of the best places to hone your skills, that will then translate to effective appearances at corporate events, mall work and any venue you choose to work.  An effective home visit is more than simply showing up, saying ho-ho-ho and handing out presents.  It is a scripted event with room for improvisation, as no two home visits are the same.  This session will guide participants through the art of your arrival, entering the home, effective progression of your time (there needs to be a reason you are there), stories, interactive activities, photo time, presenting a leave behind family gift, and how to effectively exit.   In addition, Jeff will share for the first time his beloved interactive Santa family album and his “leave behind” elf growth measuring stick gift, and the stories that go with them!  This is Santa Gold!

Turbo Business for Fun and Profit!
Essential business tools for fun and profit!

It has been Jeff’s belief that behind every success are two things. One is a realistic plan, the other is the willingness to succeed. Session two will explore a unique and successful way to plan your season…filling it with the types of events you want, when you want to work them and, in the fee, range you choose to be in. All three of these components must algin to match or redefine the buying culture of the market you are currently in. Jeff has been using and refining this success method for 40 years. In this session participants will learn how to build a success calendar chart, a client database, create a contract, the importance of insurance, create a year-round client communication strategy, ways to find paying jobs and how to define your Santa services for maximum profit. The same strategies are equally important for those Santa’s who donate their services.

Session five is a follow up session allowing participants the opportunity to share about the construction of their home visits, ask any questions not covered in the course and wrap up our learning and growing opportunity. Graduation certificates are awarded.


The course is limited to the same 25 students, allowing for a culture of sharing and growth to develop.

When:  Mondays May 6th, 13th, 20th, 27th and Wednesday May 29th – 7:00PM-8:30PM Central Time on Zoom!

Investment fee: $195.00  /  Early registration price: $180 if registered by April 1st at 11:59PM

I have priced this 7-hour course so most Santas can recover their investment in two hours of work or less.

A private Facebook page will be set up for the group.

All sessions will be via zoom or a similar format.

Each main session will open 15 minutes before the session start time and will remain open 30 minutes after each session for clarification and socialization time.

All participants will receive the “Connection Link” at least 48 hours in advance of each main and follow up session.

Please be on time.  Each session will start and end on time.

One recent participant review:

After attending the recent Santa seminar with Jeff “Santa Mac”, I left the seminar feeling  several things.  I was amazed at the depth of knowledge on the subject of Santa. I was also pleasantly surprised that after 35 years experience as Santa, I got so many new insights and ideas from Jeff “Santa Mac”.  The simple yet wonderfully effective “Santa magic” tricks and tips, he taught will definitely be used in my upcoming season.  The stories and friendly banter he shared reminded me of why I love being a Santa. I got so much out of this seminar that I can and will take into my Santa season.  Thank you,  Jeff “Santa Mac”.

Santa Paul Vincentt

Sessions Starts: May 6th 2024

To register or for more information, please email Jeff at or private message him on Facebook. 

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